Firm Poynt Clothing Co.’s website up and running.

Sup tweeps?Hope the year’s been going well with y’all.
We at Firm Poynt Clothing Co. want to use the opportunity to announce to you that our website is now up and running.
On there,we have got our online shop integrated,and for those with special needs/requests,you can use the order form or alternatively check out where else you can get our apparel.
It also gets easier to interact with us as well.Do take a minute and check out the site at Firm Poynt Clothing Co..
Will appreciate your thought,suggestions,ideas and all as always.
And yes,in the spirit of Valentine,we hope you have a swell time with you and yours.Stay safe.

Stand out;make your statement.


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Ain Mosni: Stop Sleeping-The Mixtape (Review)

Attention: Don’t call him Rogue no more, he’s Ain Mosni!
That sort of introduction is apt for a rapper trying to create a new identity. And that welcomes one to the mixtape itself; Stop Sleeping by Ain Mosni as presented by Wake Up Music. I concur that dude has his message clear enough and knows what he wants to do and issues a stern warning with phrases like Stop Sleeping(as a mixtape title), Wake Up(as probably a label name) and Ain Mosni (which if spelt backwards comes to insomnia, as a name). Clear to see, it’s either you stop sleeping on this one or u go back to sleep and stay there.Word!!!
Apparently hosted by DJ Don X (shouts out to the coalition of Nigerian DJs) who I figure is based in the US, Ain Mosni goes to work effectively with introductory tracks like The Birth of Ain Mosni laced over a humorous Honourable Patrick Obaihagbon sample over a beat off Kid Konnect’s The Epic Beat tape. This is by far the best of the songs laced on this particular beat but what really does not cut it with me is the hook. The ‘Igbo’ themed hook does not cut it with the intent of the track. All in all, Mosni does his thing riding the beat like he was on Lekki-Ajah expressway by 3am in the morning. The ‘You Say Wetin’ track is one that will have u chanting the phrase for a long while after listening to it for the first time.Yousaywetin is also Mosni’s handle on twitter.
With tracks like Dem Say and Chaos,it is plain to see that the late greats Fela and Bob Marley are huge musical influences on Mosni. On such tracks as with most others on the track, Mosni maintains his introspective nature.
While this mixtape may have played its part in introducing the listening public to Ain Mosni and his mission, it may have been flawed by the part that some tracks like the ‘Made You Look’ remake with Pheroshuwz, OD and Terry tha Rapman ,It’s Alright featuring Flow (I am guessing this was produced by ABJ’s own TY Mix,responsible for hits like Naeto C’s Kini Big Deal) ‘Hustle on’ with Pheroshuwz and Kamikaze(lovely Olu Maintain sample by the way) all bear the Rougeman trademark which Mosni makes us believe he has shed. However, one may still argue that he has taken with him the best of Rogueman and metamorphosed into Ain Mosni.
All in all, the mixtape makes for a good listen and comes highly recommended if you can’t stay without good music. The download links for the mixtape are available on NHH and here.
I see Ain Mosni staying around for a while to come. It is not often that you see one that has mastered the music business in and out of the four walls of a university (Mosni has a degree in Music Business Management).
Overall rating: 7.5/10

Me and blogging….

It has really been a while since I wrote a new post on this blog. The reasons are really not far-fetched.One,blogging is really a full time job for those who are novices to the art.It takes time and creativity.It also takes one who is not a constant procastinator like myself,lol, to make something out of it.That is the reason I envy Nigerian blogsites like Notjustok, Gidilounge,etc on how consistent their posts on their various subject contents are. Well that is that, I have been thinking of making this more regular.But,it really is not easy. A boy has to think, plan,etc etc to metamorphose into a man (hope the English dey alright sha).And like awon Peter ati Paul will say,’ E no easy ehhhhhhhhhh!!!!’…..

Anyways,I am just sitted/lying here listening to some Amerie,she can sing sha, and just thinking of my next subject for the blog. I am more or less tended towards entertainment, sports et al..That’s my forte,no doubt.Ask those who know me.I do not really give a hoot about some other stuff that interest young men like me like politics,money(thinking twice),et al.But, there may be a ‘but’ in that last statement.
On that note a lot has been happening in the last 2 or so months,I haven’t posted on here.My good friend,Richie Muddy has become a blogger.I use this opportunity to recommend his blog,Muddy’s Thoughts for your reading pleasure.Trust me when say omo boi has got skills.His creativity is flawless,to say the least.Just read his blog posts and have fun.
Also my boy,AIN MOSNI,formally known to all and sundry as Rogueman dropped his Stop Sleeping mixtape sometime back.You can get your free download here.Trust me when I say the 15 songs will be worth your while.Do look out for a review of the mixtape in the coming posts or you could read recent reviews on the mixtape on 360nobs and here.
In the same regard,my boy Double Six has also dropped a 5 track mixtape available here for download.A review is to be done soon as well.In the meantime, you could drop your comments on what you think on both artists.
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh,nature calls and I must heed.So till I am able to write a post,keep your head up.One!!!

Lemme have your PIN

RIM the makers of Blackberry will tell you it is business solution. I personally call it the all time communicating device. What many do not understand about this device is that while other phones are phones, a Blackberry is not phone…. It is a Blackberry. What I mean is this; while other phones are built to make and receive calls where any other feature is an accessory. With the Blackberry calling and receiving calls is one of the things it can do. The Blackberry is designed to always keep you abreast of any info. This because you get your e-mail in real time, you’re on the internet 24/7 and you gossip on the notorious Blackberry messenger.

I choose to describe the Blackberry in this way; Jason Derullo is a star but Michael Jackson is a superstar, a Toyota is car but a Ferrari is a supercar, Motorola and Samsung (some Nokias too) are phones but  Blackberry is a super phone. Now you get the picture……. (RIM should pay me for this). This device has been nicknamed the crackberry because of people’s addiction to it, some of the addiction signs include driving and chatting, going to the toilet with your BB, BB in on hand and stirring the pot of soup on the fire, constant low battery, headaches and aching thumbs. Long and short of it, you find it hard to drop it. I claim not to be too addicted but my girlfriend says that my BB is my first girlfriend and she is number two. I believe they both seem content with the positions they occupy in my life, I mean my BB and my GF.  I am guilty of some of the things I’ve written below and above, so please fellow BB users no offense.

Well, to cut the long story short, I am writing this piece because the Blackberry presently is rather overhyped as some people say which is true to an extent for those who don’t know its purposes. I have witnessed a lot of abuse to the device and it is rather annoying. Some people see it as a social status symbol, like if you don’t have one you don’t belong….bollocks to that notion. Can I have your PIN? Please lemme have your PIN have become common statements and comments from people you barely know. Nothing wrong with making new friends but please don’t become my friend because of BB. There is nothing as annoying when you’re talking with someone and the person is being distracted because of the BB’s messenger or a notification on facebook that the person has to respond to. The Blackberry then becomes like a baby wanting constant attention or like a girl with low self esteem that wants to be reassured she is fine all the time. This I say because on BB you receive texts, e-mails, calls, facebook notifications, BB messages, yahoo messenger, at the end of the month you have to pay for your BIS subscription, you have to charge your phone often because of constant use in chatting. At every point in time the BB wants you clutching it and starring at it for one reason or the other. All these could be sometimes overwhelming. The secret to what broke the camel’s back was not that last straw but the million other straws underneath it. Yes, let me share what made me really write this piece. A friend of my got invited for an all BB party where none of them in attendance had met themselves, they were all members of a group on BB messenger. My friend happened to be the only one without a BB; the BB in fact was like your invitation. So my friend and her friend’s friends all get to the venue of the get together to meet for the first time and after introductions were made these……hold on, I’m still looking for the adjective to describe them but these people start chatting. No, no, no, not with their mouths but with their Blackberries!!! My friend got mad and left not out of jealousy but out of anger. I felt the same way when I heard it too. The whole idea was absurd. Every time I think about it, I get upset and ask how vain can people be? What happened to your good old mouth that has been there with you from the day you were born? Very soon married couples would stop talking in bed and only communicate with the BB messenger.

If you’re guilty of this kind of crime, yes! I call it a crime, you should be flogged on national TV and I owe you no apology. All the other blackberry sins may be forgive able but not this one. There is a big difference between tech savvy and tech stupid. I personally know that the remarkable device called a Blackberry has a lot to offer but being vain and ridiculous is not amongst them.

Published with the expression permission of Boma ‘God’sson’ Dokubo.

It’s a new month y’all.First of the months to rem-EMBER and I can’t but use the opportunity to thank God for the gift of life and His grace thus far this year.
I also use this opportunity to extend my heartfelt condolences to a friend and fellow Kingsman,Ogbogu Charles Okpaleke.I feel your loss,but like they say,’God really does know best’.And,yeah the song by Timi Dakolo and Rilwan was really all expressive.Take heart brother and stay blessed.The Lord give you the strength to carry on.


Full speech of the Nigerian President on Power Reform in Lagos on 26th August,2010.

A friend of mine jokingly asked me: Can Nigeria celebrate one day of continuous (uninterrupted) power supply? Then I answered: “By God’s grace by December 2012, Nigeria will not just celebrate one day, but one week, one month, and even better. It’s actually with that vision and mission that we are here today to launch the Roadmap for Power Sector Reform.

We are today gathered here for a twin seminar event to launch our administration’s electric power roadmap and productively, engage the key stakeholders of the economy in a focused discourse on our plans to effectively tackle the critical challenge of the enormous electric power deficit and transforming the sector into the major driver of Nigeria’s economic development process.

My appraisal of the sector over the past few years has revealed that the factors that affect reliable electricity service delivery in Nigeria include the absence of a sustained and deliberately deployed long term power development strategy under exploitation of our abundant energy endowments and the absence of adequate and unknown implementation of reforms.

In order to fast track the resolution of all issues pertaining to power sectors, and achieving stability in electricity supply, I constituted two committees soon after I assumed office as President. These are the Presidential Action Committee on Power and Presidential Taskforce on Power. The Presidential Action Committee on Power is charged with the responsibility of providing leadership and guidance and to determine the general policy direction and strategic focus of power reform, the committee meets weekly.

The Presidential Tax force on Power is the engine room for the day to day planning, and it is charged with the responsibility of developing and driving forward the action plan of the Nigerian power sector, with achievable targets, especially with reference to the areas of Power generation, transmission, distribution, as well as fuel to power.

In drawing up this roadmap, we have identified tariff as the critical factor in resolving the entire value chain of supply of electricity. The idea is to ensure that the relevant agencies achieve a tariff structure that will give incentives to investors. We have also taken steps to reconstitute the National Electricity Regulatory Commission and the list of its members will be sent to the National Assembly on Monday next week.

I also took time to select a chairman that has similar credentials with the INEC Chairman. I decided to do so because we need a revolution in the power sector. We expect that those who will be in that commission will drive the process. I have declared that on the attainment of stability in the sector. Government will disengage from generation and distribution of electricity in the country. Government will encourage the private sector participation in these areas. 

Therefore, as articulated in the electric power sector reform act, the private sector will be responsible for generation and distribution, while government will still own the transmission grid, but with private sector management. We are in the process of commissioning independent power producers, international oil companies to produce at least 5,000 megawatts of new capacity. These plants will begin production in 2012 and 2013. Government will provide the credit enhancement that will enable them invest in the construction of the power plants.

Coal will also be exploited in the next few years to install power plants in places as Gombe, Kogi, Enugu and Benue. However, the largest resources from fuel to power will come from Natural Gas. Government plans to exploit this asset to its fullest by converting flared gas to domestic application for power application. In line with the electric power reform act, the power bulk trader which the bureau of public enterprises has now incorporated will have credit backing of federal government to purchase power from private power providers and sell to the distribution companies. These bulk traders should be in full operation in less than two months from today.

The key factor to realizing government goals in the power sector is appropriate tariff regime. The tariff on electric power in our country today is much lower than what is paid in countries across the West African sub region. The present tariff regime will be adjusted in line with government’s determination to provide reliable electricity to the consumers but this will be done in a way that it will not affect the ordinary consumer.

This administration has demonstrated sincere commitment in ensuring we meet government obligation to PHCN workers and have paid due attention to the concerns raised by the workers union. In this regard, we have provided through a supplementary budget, the sum of N57 billion required to address the arrears of monetized benefits of PHCN workers which has been outstanding for over 7 years.

……And the dream ended.

If you are African and chances are high that you are an ardent football follower like myself (which African wouldn’t be,since it is the period of Africa’s first world cup on home soil), you will definitely be feeling the way I am at the moment.It was so close,yet so far for Africa to get to the semi-finals of the World Cup for the first time.I will only take heart in the fact that the Black Stars shone in more than a million ways when the big names including Nigeria(big hiss) and Cameroon failed to rise to the big occasion.Ivory Coast would have done a bit better if they were not in the same group as (almighty) Brazil and CR9’s Portugal.Most of my Nigerian friends have said that the loss was more painful than the overrated Eagles’ first round exit.

With the rest of Africa behind them and their style of play combining traditional West African flair with tactical discipline,the Ghanians were by a million miles,the best African team in the tournament.I don’t know how Asamoah Gyan may be feeling but he proved me wrong whenever I worried for Ghana and thought they needed a striker in the mould of Didier Drogba or the highly achieving Samuel Eto’o Fils. His strength on the ball was something else and most Africans like myself will not forget his strike against the USA in a hurry.It is not a new thing that big players falter at certain big moments,a la Roberto Baggio etc.He and his team mates were determined to succeed.Even commentators and football analysts had dubbed the team ‘Black Stars of Africa’ after the legendary Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela had given them his blessings to do Africa proud.It did not get better than that.

I hope that with this recent feat, we have all learnt a lesson or two,firstly,about football being the only unifying factor for most African nations and secondly,we have to step up a notch to take our rightful place in world football.Now that that has being said, I feel indifferent about the remaining World Cup teams even as more drama is expected.All I can say is may the best team win.There is still a lot to look forward to starting with this afternoon’s heavyweights’ clash between Maradona’s Argentina and the German machines.And of course, the highly rated Spain is still in the race.All I will probably do now,is just sit back,relax and enjoy myself without tension.

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