……And the dream ended.

If you are African and chances are high that you are an ardent football follower like myself (which African wouldn’t be,since it is the period of Africa’s first world cup on home soil), you will definitely be feeling the way I am at the moment.It was so close,yet so far for Africa to get to the semi-finals of the World Cup for the first time.I will only take heart in the fact that the Black Stars shone in more than a million ways when the big names including Nigeria(big hiss) and Cameroon failed to rise to the big occasion.Ivory Coast would have done a bit better if they were not in the same group as (almighty) Brazil and CR9’s Portugal.Most of my Nigerian friends have said that the loss was more painful than the overrated Eagles’ first round exit.

With the rest of Africa behind them and their style of play combining traditional West African flair with tactical discipline,the Ghanians were by a million miles,the best African team in the tournament.I don’t know how Asamoah Gyan may be feeling but he proved me wrong whenever I worried for Ghana and thought they needed a striker in the mould of Didier Drogba or the highly achieving Samuel Eto’o Fils. His strength on the ball was something else and most Africans like myself will not forget his strike against the USA in a hurry.It is not a new thing that big players falter at certain big moments,a la Roberto Baggio etc.He and his team mates were determined to succeed.Even commentators and football analysts had dubbed the team ‘Black Stars of Africa’ after the legendary Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela had given them his blessings to do Africa proud.It did not get better than that.

I hope that with this recent feat, we have all learnt a lesson or two,firstly,about football being the only unifying factor for most African nations and secondly,we have to step up a notch to take our rightful place in world football.Now that that has being said, I feel indifferent about the remaining World Cup teams even as more drama is expected.All I can say is may the best team win.There is still a lot to look forward to starting with this afternoon’s heavyweights’ clash between Maradona’s Argentina and the German machines.And of course, the highly rated Spain is still in the race.All I will probably do now,is just sit back,relax and enjoy myself without tension.


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