Me and blogging….

It has really been a while since I wrote a new post on this blog. The reasons are really not far-fetched.One,blogging is really a full time job for those who are novices to the art.It takes time and creativity.It also takes one who is not a constant procastinator like myself,lol, to make something out of it.That is the reason I envy Nigerian blogsites like Notjustok, Gidilounge,etc on how consistent their posts on their various subject contents are. Well that is that, I have been thinking of making this more regular.But,it really is not easy. A boy has to think, plan,etc etc to metamorphose into a man (hope the English dey alright sha).And like awon Peter ati Paul will say,’ E no easy ehhhhhhhhhh!!!!’…..

Anyways,I am just sitted/lying here listening to some Amerie,she can sing sha, and just thinking of my next subject for the blog. I am more or less tended towards entertainment, sports et al..That’s my forte,no doubt.Ask those who know me.I do not really give a hoot about some other stuff that interest young men like me like politics,money(thinking twice),et al.But, there may be a ‘but’ in that last statement.
On that note a lot has been happening in the last 2 or so months,I haven’t posted on here.My good friend,Richie Muddy has become a blogger.I use this opportunity to recommend his blog,Muddy’s Thoughts for your reading pleasure.Trust me when say omo boi has got skills.His creativity is flawless,to say the least.Just read his blog posts and have fun.
Also my boy,AIN MOSNI,formally known to all and sundry as Rogueman dropped his Stop Sleeping mixtape sometime back.You can get your free download here.Trust me when I say the 15 songs will be worth your while.Do look out for a review of the mixtape in the coming posts or you could read recent reviews on the mixtape on 360nobs and here.
In the same regard,my boy Double Six has also dropped a 5 track mixtape available here for download.A review is to be done soon as well.In the meantime, you could drop your comments on what you think on both artists.
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh,nature calls and I must heed.So till I am able to write a post,keep your head up.One!!!

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