Ain Mosni: Stop Sleeping-The Mixtape (Review)

Attention: Don’t call him Rogue no more, he’s Ain Mosni!
That sort of introduction is apt for a rapper trying to create a new identity. And that welcomes one to the mixtape itself; Stop Sleeping by Ain Mosni as presented by Wake Up Music. I concur that dude has his message clear enough and knows what he wants to do and issues a stern warning with phrases like Stop Sleeping(as a mixtape title), Wake Up(as probably a label name) and Ain Mosni (which if spelt backwards comes to insomnia, as a name). Clear to see, it’s either you stop sleeping on this one or u go back to sleep and stay there.Word!!!
Apparently hosted by DJ Don X (shouts out to the coalition of Nigerian DJs) who I figure is based in the US, Ain Mosni goes to work effectively with introductory tracks like The Birth of Ain Mosni laced over a humorous Honourable Patrick Obaihagbon sample over a beat off Kid Konnect’s The Epic Beat tape. This is by far the best of the songs laced on this particular beat but what really does not cut it with me is the hook. The ‘Igbo’ themed hook does not cut it with the intent of the track. All in all, Mosni does his thing riding the beat like he was on Lekki-Ajah expressway by 3am in the morning. The ‘You Say Wetin’ track is one that will have u chanting the phrase for a long while after listening to it for the first time.Yousaywetin is also Mosni’s handle on twitter.
With tracks like Dem Say and Chaos,it is plain to see that the late greats Fela and Bob Marley are huge musical influences on Mosni. On such tracks as with most others on the track, Mosni maintains his introspective nature.
While this mixtape may have played its part in introducing the listening public to Ain Mosni and his mission, it may have been flawed by the part that some tracks like the ‘Made You Look’ remake with Pheroshuwz, OD and Terry tha Rapman ,It’s Alright featuring Flow (I am guessing this was produced by ABJ’s own TY Mix,responsible for hits like Naeto C’s Kini Big Deal) ‘Hustle on’ with Pheroshuwz and Kamikaze(lovely Olu Maintain sample by the way) all bear the Rougeman trademark which Mosni makes us believe he has shed. However, one may still argue that he has taken with him the best of Rogueman and metamorphosed into Ain Mosni.
All in all, the mixtape makes for a good listen and comes highly recommended if you can’t stay without good music. The download links for the mixtape are available on NHH and here.
I see Ain Mosni staying around for a while to come. It is not often that you see one that has mastered the music business in and out of the four walls of a university (Mosni has a degree in Music Business Management).
Overall rating: 7.5/10

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